Legacy Junior High Attendance Procedures

Absence - If a student is going to be absent for any reason, a parent should let the office know the reason.  The parent must make personal contact with the school before a student will be excused during school hours.  The school cannot release a student from school to anyone but the legal guardian or adult designated by the guardian. All activities during the school day are mandatory. Activities are planned for students’ educational value. All assemblies, testing, seminars, etc., are considered to be an important part of the junior high school experience.  The school will not support any unsupervised release of students during these events or at any other time during school hours.  In the event of an absence, all make-up work is the student’s responsibility. Absences must be cleared within 3 days after returning to school from an absence. Five (5) uncleared absences will result in a citizenship ‘U.’  To clear an absence from home, a parent can send the student to school with a note, email, use myDSD, or call the attendance number at (801) 402-4706. 

Prearranged Absence - Students who must miss school for hospitalization, family trips, etc., should pick up a Prearranged Absence Form in the office.  When students arrange unavoidable absences in advance, they stand a better chance of maintaining academic and citizenship standing.  The form allows teachers and administrators to know that the student will be absent and details responsibilities the student should have ready upon return.

Admit to Class - Admits will only be written for students who check in to school or have been detained in the office.  Admits do not excuse a student’s tardy unless so specified.

Check-in/Check-out Policy - Students must check in through the main office before going to class if they have arrived  late.  Students must check out through the main office if he or she is going to leave school before the end of the school day.  To maintain student safety, parents/guardians must come in to the office and present picture ID in order to check out a student.  Any individual checking out a student must be listed as either a parent/guardian or an emergency contact for that student.  The office will send for the  student being checked out once they have been properly checked out.