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The PTSA is taking requests for items/equipment that teachers/school are in need of. The money we raise every year goes back to the students and teachers/school for student programs (reflections, book fair, reality town etc.), teacher appreciation, hospitality (teacher dinners), contests and prizes etc., and purchasing items that the teachers/school may be in need of. If there are any equipment/supplies that would be helpful to any teachers or the school in general, please contact our PTSA president Mindy Talbot or share on the Legacy PTSA Facebook page. We encourage all parents and faculty to follow us our Facebook page "Legacy Jr. High PTSA" where we announce all the latest happenings, events, and opportunities to help so you are in the loop. Also, if you haven't already, we encourage all teachers, parents, and students to pay the $6 PTSA membership fees on myDsd. This does not mean you will ever be contacted or have to participate in any way, it's truly more like a donation. The more "members" our PTSA has, the more benefits we receive for our school. Also, we will be providing monthly incentives and prizes to all students who are members. We are hopeful that through membership fees, the school bookstore and the concessions stand we run at the home games, we can avoid future student fundraisers. Thanks so much for your support! 

 Teacher Gratitude Box

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During the month of November, the PTSA will have a gratitude box in front of the school store during lunch period on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We encourage all students to come write a gratitude letter to any of your teachers to let them know you appreciate them. We will provide papers and pens, and students will receive a treat from the store for participating! 

In an effort to replace student fundraising (not everyone's favorite ��) the Legacy Jr. High PTSA would like to try something new this year! We'd like to start selling concessions at all the home games. These games are lots of fun with plenty of hungry & thirsty fans and visitors.

We are seeking volunteers to sell at the stand and also taking donations of items that could be sold for $1 each - chips, sodas, Gatorades, candy bars etc. (just make sure it's individually prepackaged).

If you would like to donate items, you can drop them off at my home (40 N. 3475 W.) You can leave them on my porch or knock if you'd like. You can also drop them off at the school office, just let them know what it's for.

In order to make this new idea successful, we'll need volunteers ASAP to sell at the stand from 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm. The games begin at 3:00 and concessions will be sold before the game begins. We'll have a stand set up in the entrance/foyer to the gym. If you are willing to volunteer for a game, please click here and sign up for as many games as you would like. There is no minimum and no limit. Sign up with a neighbor, a friend, a spouse, or just sign up solo and come make a new friend! If you've never been, these games are a lot of fun and high energy. �� We appreciate all your help. Thank you!!



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Want to know what fun things are happening at Legacy? Join our Legacy Jr. High PTSA Facebook page! Dads and moms, we have a lot of fun opportunities coming up (this week and next) to serve the teachers, students, and community at Legacy – but we need your help! We just don’t have enough manpower with our small PTSA board to make these things happen without you. Please take a minute to join the Legacy Jr. High Facebook page and scroll down the feed to see all the opportunities available right now for you and your students. These are all fun ways to serve and don’t take more than an hour of your time. We also have plenty of unfilled spots available on our board and would love to have your help there as well. Personally, what PTSA members love most about serving is getting to see our kids at school and meet their friends and teachers and know what’s going on – but also providing fun experiences for everyone and making a difference in someone’s day!

If you aren’t able to help serve with your time, there are opportunities for treat donations and we could use your help spreading the word. Thanks so much, we appreciate it!