Online Learning Options

Should my student do online courses? 

Here are a few things to consider when making the decision to try online: 

1. Students are not allowed on LJH campus during their online (home release) class periods. 

2. Who will be monitoring your student's progress in their online classes at home? How often will their online grades be checked by that person? 

3. If there will be no adult at home with your student while they work on their online homework, will they be able to keep themselves on task and complete their assignments without supervision? 

4. Students can take some classes online and some classes at Legacy. Think about which class(es) your student would do well in online and which classes would be better for them in person. 

5. Any changes that are made to a student's schedule need to be made at a term break and will not be changeable until the next term break. If you decide to pursue online classes, it is a term-long commitment

6. If your student does 100% of their coursework online they will be unenrolled from Legacy and enrolled at Davis Connect or their other online school. If they do a partial schedule with Davis Connect and partial in person, they will still be considered a Legacy student and we will maintain their enrollment. 

7. If your student is a 9th grader: Any failed or incomplete online courses will need to be remediated to stay on track for graduation. This often means re-taking a class online or completing a packet. 

If you are still on the fence about online courses, speak with your child's counselor. It might be wise to start off with one or two online courses for a term and see how your student handles them. If your student is successful with their online courses you can add more, and if they were not successful you can re-enroll them in a full in-person schedule. 

We have multiple options for online courses available to Legacy Jr. High students.

For summer class options, please visit the Davis Connect website.

Please contact your child's counselor for more information on available online options and creating an online schedule specific to your child's needs during the school year.

Mrs. Mandy Mathie, 9th Grade Counselor

Mrs. Kristi Olsen, 8th Grade Counselor

Mrs. Terra Bingham, 7th Grade Counselor

Davis Connect Online Learning