The Legacy Junior High School administration supports our students and coaches in their efforts to grow and learn through extracurricular activities. Legacy administration accepts the rights and responsibility to set academic and behavioral standards for student athletes. Individuals shall not be denied an opportunity to try-out for athletic teams based on their race, color, religion, national origin, sex, or disability. 

Who is the 2022-2023 LJH head track coach?

                Michelle Atkin --- Head coach

                Brittani Wallis and Rich Callister --- Assistant Coaches

What are the eligibility requirements?

                To tryout, students must have at least a 2.0 GPA from the most recent term end grade. Students cannot have more than one “F” on the most recent report card. An “Incomplete” status in any Summit course is considered an “F”.  Additionally, if a student received one “U” on the report card, the student must apply to the School Athletic Standards Committee for participation in tryouts. Students with more than one “U” on the report card are ineligible to participate in tryouts or on the team. If students are currently ineligible for tryouts because of citizenship, students are encouraged to begin making up their “U’s” today.

If a student makes the team, a 2.0 GPA and no “U’s” for must be maintained if a new term final grade is posted.  

When are tryouts?

                There are no tryouts. All students can join. Athletes with the fastest times will compete at meets, but all students can join and practice with the team.

What is required to join the track team?

Prior to the day of tryouts, pre-registration at Aktivate Registration is required. The pre-registration includes uploading a current student athlete physical. The UHSAA physical form on Aktivate Registration must be used. In addition, students must upload their most recent term grade report and accept grade and citizenship agreements. 

What are the fees associated with playing on the track team?

                The Davis School District fee schedule allows for the fees below. Approved fundraisers may be held to cover additional costs. Fee waiver applications may be found HERE.

$70 Participation Fee;  Up to $50 Activity Apparel;  $10 Transportation Fee 

When are the track meets?

                The game schedule can be found HERE

What are the expected behaviors for students selected for the team?

                It is expected that students conduct themselves in a manner that benefits the image of the school. Students who participate in hazing, bullying, profane language, drug use, improper touching, or excessive school disruption will be removed from the team. Less egregious behavior may result in probation and review by the Standards Committee.

What are the expectations of parents supporting their athlete at meets?

                Legacy invites parents to be supportive of the team by attending home and away games, ensuring student attendance at practices, and reinforcing student academic expectations. Parents may not attend practice. Parents are expected to be positive during games and may be removed or barred from games for negative language or abusive comments to players, opposing team members, referees, coaches, administration, or other attendees.

Who do I contact with questions or grievances?

                Holly Hoyt, LJH Assistant Principal